Family Recipe

Family recipes are like heirlooms passing from generation to generation

This is more than a food blog, this is comforting nourishment from home alongside my photography of food at home. I will be sharing recipes treasured by my family and family friends. My goal is to create a catalog of recipes with beautiful photography which can be easily accessed online. 


Buttergläse is a marvellous comfort, filling and warm. This is one of my Granny Elsie Knaus’, German family recipes, a beloved treat!


This Volga German / Russian version of Cabbage rolls includes pork, beef and rice.




A pink and white marshmallow-like peppermint cookie from my Volga-Deutsch Family in Holstein (Werdiniaja, Kulalinka) Seratov, Russia. This is my Oma Elsie (Knaus) Popiel’s, aunt Sebina’s recipe. Broenik is also one of those old recipes you literally need to get a feel for, as the consistency of the dough will determine the softness and density of the cookie.