Garden Of The Mind

Garden  Of  The  Mind


Nature’s persistent survival balanced with fragility within its complex architectures inspires a deep fascination within me. This fascination compels me to create experimental imagery with organic flora and fauna as a form of personal meditation and expression. As I walk outside contemplating the nuances of my own life’s complexities and emotional truths, I gather raw materials from nature to study in detail and use in my visual compositions. Studying the unique qualities of these natural materials while in a meditative trance inspires me to experiment with the formal aspects of each item in the darkroom. Utilizing methods of randomness inspired by the work of Dada artists reflects the chaotic surrealism and uncanny relational structures found not only within nature, but also within my own emotional realities. Through my technical darkroom processes with photogram techniques and further digital enhancements of the imagery, I refine upon my work. Naturalized and native flora and fauna found within urban environments provide me with a never ending source of inspiration to draw upon as I explore my own emotional truths within my meditations, as I am also a part of the infinite complexity of the natural world.

The technical process for creating photograms differs from traditional photography in a way that I find quite intriguing and artistically rewarding. My photograms are created through the arrangement of objects on a photo enlarger that are then exposed to light to create a negative image of the arrangement in black and white. This process reveals rich, subtle details from the materials used in the composition that can be surprising at times. After creating the base photograms, I digitally invert the negative image to a positive one and refine the details on the computer. My next step is then to print the images on Epson Kozo paper, a type of delicate semi-transparent paper, before using detailed paper cuts to accentuate both the bold and subtle features of each element. These elements become the building block layers of the final composition of the artworks, which are then layered on a shimmery gloss paper to further accentuate detail underneath. By magnifying the fascinating natural qualities of the organic elements I find along my meditative walks and subjecting them to the many layers of my exploratory technical process, the relationship I have with nature and my own emotions are channelled into uniquely poetic forms.