Garden Of The Mind

Garden Of The Mind

On the Horizon

           Photographer, Catherine Popiel, created the works cameralessly in an enlarger, better known as photograms. This method of photograms are produced by magnifying subject(s) by the negative carrier of a photo enlarger, projecting light through an object and onto light sensitive paper. Furthermore, the artists arrangement of subject(s) in the enlarger is composed by an automatic method and was influenced by a study of the Dada artist movement, Fluxus and Pop art. Selected works for Garden Of the Mind are also digitally manipulated to enhance texture and contrast of composition. Works are then finished by sandwiching a kozo fibre paper over a gloss, which shimmers to dance under paper cuts of the top layer. This body of work is partially funded in thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board, micro-grant program.

By the Swift Spring Breeze


Garden Of the Mind is a body of work featuring a magnified garden of urban naturalized and native plant life, originally as a small study  in architecture. The body of work can be viewed as the artists garden of childish figures and fantasy, in which original forms are broken down and rebuilt using an automatic method of creation. This monochrome body of work was preformed as like the artists return to an adolescence of an innocent and free time to play in darkroom and manipulating by hand.