The Photographer, The Artist

I am Catherine Ritchie, a photographer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My work explores the poetics of human emotion in relationship to the sublime detail of the natural world.

Since a Pentax K1000 was set in my hands, I have been a photographer. My father nurtured my artistic influence in presence of advanced camera gear and lenses, which pushed me to learn more about film and digital functions of photography. I don’t restrict myself artistically, I take every opportunity to craft my work using imagination and/or alternative processes, utilizing both analog and digital techniques and often employ experimental techniques. I was awarded honors in (high school) photography and (college) abroad photography – enhanced classes over the early studious years with encouraging artistic teachers who taught me the discipline and techniques in graphic art, analog, and digital photography. Majority of my extended digital photography skills are self-taught and are complemented by my studies of literature and other professional experiences in the realm of photography. Currently, I hold a home office space to work, including an area for framing. My work and services are available upon request and can be viewed on or contact (306)612-0682