Family Recipe

Family recipes are like heirlooms passing from generation to generation

This is more than a food blog, this is comforting nourishment from home alongside my photography of food at home. I will be sharing recipes treasured by my family and family friends. My goal is to create a catalog of recipes with beautiful photography which can be easily accessed online. 

Sauerkraut with Split Pea Soup

Sauerkraut with Split Pea Soup

This soup is a Kroczynski favorite and makes for good potluck or company food.



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Sauerkraut has been a staple food for generations of Polish / East European peasants and towns folk…. (more research to come).

Easter Relish


Beet and Harseradish Relish

Sauerkraut SplitPea Soup


Rogaliki (Cookies)

These cookies are like nifty yeast micro stuffed-croissants… Found it on another site, but had to give this Russian recipe a try and ended up editing the process a smidgen to work for me. This recipe is called Rugelach or Rogaliki cookies

German Spitzbuben

This is a wonderful cookie filled with jam. I noticed this one online and attempted it because I wanted to make a soft jam cookie and Spitzbuben worked very well. Easy to make with a small mess – for fun.

*timer only, no sound.

Pumpkin Pie

A holiday favourite, creamy and delectable, Pumpkin Pie!