Food Imagery Escapade

As we all look forward to summer growth, Catherine will expand current imagery and services from table food of chefs, to artistically dive into capturing the care and attention that goes into local foods and farm produced product.

“I have been an associate of the Canadian Culinary Federation in Saskatoon SK, for the last 10 years and have revived membership with the  Winnipeg Chefs for 2019. I enjoy supporting chefs, who as artists, style a mixture of flavourful art on a plate daily.”

Catherine’s work has involved photographing for events, including the Great Canadian Kitchen Party (formerly Gold Medal Plates), restaurants such as Aroma in Radisson Hotel and The Saskatoon Club, and 10 years for Saskatoon Chefs Gala and Saskatoon Forestry Farm Zoo Gala. She is accustomed to work with local, national and global award-winning chefs, helping to build their brand/self-image.
-Catherine Popiel (AKA, Ritchie)
Catherine’s current projects are on instagram, as Catherinel_popiel, or “Catherine Popiel, Photographic Artist” on Facebook..(currently reworking to a new page).

Food Photo Gallery

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