Professional Photography Escapades

Food Photography

As long as I have been photographing, I have been working with chefs, experiencing hostessing and serving. Now I enjoy photographing to create a visual storyboard of culinary creations.

Portrait Photography

I want you to have a happy and creative experience , my portrait work is as fun and friendly as we can make it. We can get outdoors or find a nice area in your home or business to photograph.

 Great people I have worked with

Chef Anthony McCarthy          Mario Gould          William Popiel          Chef Trevor Robertson          Annemarie Buchmann-Gerber          Chef Chriss Hill      Frances Robson

Fab Businesses I have worked with

Ancient Spirals Retreat         YXE Chefs        Chefs Gala Saskatoon         ZooGala Saskatoon          Prairie Spring Care Homes          Forestry Farm            Minor Matter            Fulcrum Media          FineLifestyles           Radisson Hotel Saskatoon          Gordon Food Service