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I photograph food to create a visual story of culinary creations. Chefs creating the dishes use real food and have a beautiful artistry of mingling color, texture and flavors on the plate.

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My portrait work has a classic style and is as fun as we can make it. I create portraits on location for professionals, families, groups of friends and pets.

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Gallery Showing @ The Eye Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. September 2nd – October 30th, 2019

 Great people I have worked with

Chef Anthony McCarthy            Chef Trevor Robertson          Annemarie Buchmann-Gerber          Chef Chris Hill      Frances Robson          Chef Dana Chadorf         Mario Gould          William Popiel

Fab Businesses I have worked with

Great Canadian Kitchen Party (formerly Gold Medal Plates)                    Ancient Spirals Retreat         YXE Chefs        Chefs Gala Saskatoon         ZooGala Saskatoon          Prairie Spring Care Homes          Saskatoon Forestry Farm            Minor Matter            Fulcrum Media          Fine Lifestyles Magazine           Radisson Hotel Saskatoon          Gordon Food Service

I work with subjects like flora and fauna to experiment with transformations and shape concepts into reality.

Within both digital and darkroom I work to create seamless manipulations, enhancements and well-crafted images on screen or in print. My artistic practice is focused to fine tune my skills, with an interest to master most alternative processes. Unrestricted imagination is my favorite ‘tool’ and my inspiration exists from dreams, whether awake or not. I pick out some raw details from memory and re-imagine the subjects into my creative world. I photograph to feel present and enjoy working with chefs, artists, or solo.

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